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FreeNAS is a highly versatile open-source operating system that allows for virtual installation on a wide range of hardware platforms. Its primary function is to facilitate seamless file and data sharing across networks. There are many best free nas software accessible.

This NAS solution presents a straightforward approach to establishing a centralized and easily accessible storage location for your data. Whether you require it for personal use, small business needs, or large-scale enterprise requirements, FreeNAS offers reliable performance and convenience.

With a dedicated development team since 2005, FreeNAS has experienced remarkable growth. It proudly boasts the largest development community, with millions of global downloads and a user base spanning across various industries.

FreeNAS offers a wide range of features, including unlimited storage, data snapshots, support for hot-swapping, RAID, and disk stripping. In addition, FreeNAS, coupled with ZFS, provides encryption, replication, data protection, and efficient file sharing.

Best free nas software

This NAS operating system covers a comprehensive range of data sharing protocols, including NFS and Samba; ensure compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Best free nas software in 2023

FreeNAS is an ideal choice for both home users with extensive storage needs and enterprise users. However, it’s worth considering other NAS operating system solutions that offer additional features or superior setups. Below, we have compiled a list of ten alternatives worth exploring.


Amahi is a professionally-developed open-source software project designed to function as a powerful home server. It transforms your personal computer into a dedicated Linux server, catering to your diverse needs. Noteworthy features of this home server software include hard drive monitoring, Outlook and iCal integrations, integrated search engine, calendar view, personal wiki, Vista and calendar integration, plug-in support, dynamic backups, DNS support, and robust networking capabilities.

Best free nas software

Best free nas software


OpenMediaVault is a powerful native Novell software solution that offers organizations a highly efficient and feature-rich file server for data storage, access and operation. It provides easy configuration and customization options, allowing organizations to tailor it to their specific needs. The software also supports advanced features such as block-level and file system operations, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, OpenMediaVault is designed to seamlessly scale up to the latest storage hardware, including RAID arrays, maximizing storage capabilities.


Rockstor is an impressive addition to this list, specifically designed for NAS on the Linux distro CentOS. It utilizes the BTRFS file system, which bears resemblances to ZFS, the file system employed by FreeNAS. One of Rockstor’s standout features is its simple and compact web interface. Setting it apart from other NAS software mentioned here, Rockstor incorporates a built-in monitoring system, which provides added value.

Moreover, Rockstor supports various file systems like Samba and NFS, as well as protocols including NTP, SFTP, and NIS. Notably, Rockstor excels in the plugin department, offering a range of different plugins, better known as Rock-ons.


Openfiler is a reputable NAS software solution that caters specifically to Linux users. Highly regarded in large enterprises, it is based on the CentOS Linux distribution. Openfiler supports an extensive range of file system protocols, such as FTP, NTS, and Rsync, and boasts remarkable scalability, with the ability to support up to sixty terabytes of memory. Its web-based management system ensures a seamless experience for administrators.

Notably, Openfiler offers features like virtual machine storage, media server support, and heterogeneous file sharing, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking enhanced data control.


NexentaStor, formerly known as Nexenta, is a renowned software-defined storage solution recognized for its advanced features and remarkable flexibility. The Nexenta Community Edition, also referred to as NexentaStor Community Edition, is a cost-free version of the NexentaStor software. It empowers the creation of enterprise-grade storage solutions by leveraging commodity hardware.


What is best free nas software?

NAS software serves as the operating system and management interface for Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. It empowers users to efficiently store, access, and centrally manage their data.

Can I replace the nas software on my existing nas gadget?

While certain NAS devices offer support for third-party software installations, others may be equipped with proprietary software that cannot be easily replaced. It is strongly recommended to consult the device manufacturer or refer to the provided documentation prior to making any modifications.

Can I use NAS program for home media streaming?

Numerous NAS software solutions provide integrated media server capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly store and seamlessly stream multimedia content to multiple devices within their home.

Do I need latest IT knowledge to run NAS program?

While a certain degree of technical knowledge can offer advantages, numerous best free NAS software options are specifically engineered with user-friendly interfaces and uncomplicated setups. This ensures accessibility, even for beginners.

Are there open-source and free nas software accessible?

Numerous open-source NAS software solutions are available, such as FreeNAS and OpenMediaVault, offering a wide array of features at no cost.
2023 has seen some exciting downloadable software that easily allows people to set up their own personal network attached storage (NAS).

The popularity of home-based NAS has grown exponentially, with many people looking for options to store their media and data for easy access. Fortunately, there are many free pieces of software available that offer a great way to get a personal home-based NAS up and running.

One of the most popular free pieces of software is FreeNAS. It’s open source, and features powerful and easy to use features, with the ability to easily share files between connected devices. It also allows users to easily create a RAID array, which can provide a easier way to mirror or backup data on multiple disks.

Another great free software option is OpenMediaVault (OMV). This software is designed specifically for private home-based NAS setups, offering a variety of features including disk encryption, snapshot support, and the ability to easily configure users and shares.

A third great free software option is Amahi. This software was developed with the goal of providing easy-to-use media servers for home users, and it includes features such as media streaming, torrent downloaders, VPNs, and other advanced features.

Finally, ZFS is another great free software for people looking for the most advanced NAS server options. This software is designed for professionals or tech-savvy users who want to set up a highly robust NAS server. It includes features such as isolating storage pools, data integrity, and the ability to quickly snap and clone data.

Overall, setting up a personal home network is an increasingly popular trend in the digital age. There are many free pieces of software that offer a great way to get a private home-based NAS up and running. With the right software, users can easily access shares, media, and data among the connected devices on the home network.