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There is a plethora of educational apps available for students, but what about apps tailored for homeschooling parents?

Here, we present a comprehensive list of highly recommended and best homeschool apps that are proven to be immensely useful. While some of these apps are designed specifically for homeschooling, others are versatile and can be suitable for children attending online schools or traditional brick-and-mortar schools as well. So, regardless of your child’s educational setting, these apps can help you stay organized throughout the year.

Best homeschool apps

Best homeschool apps to learn

Bedtime math

The majority of the apps on this list are generalized, offering activities that cover a wide range of subjects. However, there are occasions when children need to focus more on a specific subject.

If that subject happens to be math, we have the perfect homeschooling app for you: Bedtime Math.

This app is specifically designed to enhance elementary mathematical skills and is suitable for children aged 3 to 9.

This is why it’s called Bedtime Math, in case you hadn’t noticed. Numerous studies, including research from the University of Chicago, suggest that children who engage in bedtime math sessions with their parents show noticeable improvements in math ability within just three months.

ABC Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a highly beneficial app for teaching essential reading skills to kids. This is particularly important because many children struggle with reading. Homeschooling apps like Reading Eggs aim to improve vocabulary, fluency, phonics, comprehension, alphabets, and numbers. Furthermore, the app offers a variety of interactive learning methods, such as reading games, guided lessons, and playful activities.

With over 2500 storybooks available, children will never run out of content to read. Based on research and expert experience, Reading Eggs is considered one of the best homeschool apps accessible.

Khan Academy Kids

Developed in 2007, the app serves as an exemplary model for the development of education apps. It excels in the field of homeschooling, showcasing its collaboration with experts from renowned universities like Stanford. The curriculum aligns with Common Core Standards and Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

As the leading app for homeschooling, it offers two options: Adaptive Learning Path and Independent Learning. Additionally, it provides a wealth of resources including activities, books, instructive films, innovative lessons, as well as a collection of books, videos, activities, and coloring pages.

Dragon Box

Khan Academy offers exceptional math learning resources, while the DragonBox suite of apps specializes in making math enjoyable through engaging games. These apps have received high praise, with some reviews even describing them as “addictive.”

DragonBox Algebra 5+ and DragonBox Numbers cater to younger learners, aged 4 to 8. What sets Algebra 5+ apart is that it requires no prior knowledge of algebra; instead, it introduces the concept through puzzle-based gameplay. The Numbers app, on the other hand, introduces young learners to addition and subtraction.

For children aged 6 to 9, DragonBox Big Numbers builds upon the learning from Numbers by presenting more complex problems involving carrying and borrowing. For those seeking an advanced algebraic experience, DragonBox Algebra 12+ covers algebraic equations.


Self-directed study is a vital skill for high school students, and Quizlet stands out as one of the most effective educational apps for comprehensive test preparation.

With Quizlet, both teachers and students have the ability to create study sets and flashcards covering a wide range of topics. The Quizlet Learn feature offers various testing modes, including true and false questions and multiple-choice, changing the difficulty level based on the user’s performance. It is especially beneficial for foreign language study.

The extensive database of Quizlet comprises over 500 million study sets already generated by fellow users, providing a valuable resource for new users to search and find existing materials that align with their specific needs.

Homeschool Planet

Homeschool Planet offers a big set of features for efficient home-schooling. With the option to create separate calendars for each user and the ability to generate different logins for a single core home-school calendar, it provides flexibility without compromising convenience.

Additionally, Homeschool Planet incorporates automatic data backup for preserving important resources like lesson plans. This ensures that valuable work is safeguarded against potential computer glitches, providing users right peace of mind.


Are these best homeschool apps free?

When choosing the most suitable app for your child, take into account their unique needs and learning style. Factors such as age, subject matter, and preferred learning methods should be considered. Additionally, reading reviews and trying out multiple apps can help determine which one is the most effective for your child. Some of the apps are free.

How we pick the best homeschool apps

We conducted an extensive review of editorial opinions from reputable publications such as The New York Times product review publication Wirecutter, Lifewire, and parenting magazines. Additionally, we considered insights from respected non-profit organizations like Common Sense Media, the American Association of School Librarians, and the Fordham Institute.
As technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular. With this new trend, comes a plethora of homeschool apps which are designed to make homeschooling easier and more enjoyable.

In the current year of 2023, there are some amazing homeschool apps available. Each of these apps have been designed to provide different features and functions, to ensure that every homeschooling experience is as productive and enjoyable as possible. To help you make the best choice for your family, here is a list of the best homeschool apps of 2023.

The first homeschool app on our list is mangomath. This comprehensive app covers the basics of mathematics, including middle-school level equations and functions. With its simple and easy-to-use interface, children and parents alike will find it to be a great tool for their homeschooling.

Next, Khan Academy is a must-have when it comes to homeschooling. Khan Academy offers a variety of engaging activities, learning games, and quizzes to keep your student’s attention and track their progress. Plus, parents are able to monitor their student’s progress by keeping track of their Khan AcademyPoints.

Thirdly, ABC Mouse is an ideal resource for homeschoolers who are below the age of six. ABC Mouse covers a range of content, including early literacy, mathematics, science, and much more. Plus, the interactive activities hold your student’s attention and help to reinforce the material.

Finally, My Study Log is a great tool to make homeschooling easier and more productive. My Study Log allows parents to create their own curriculum and track their student’s progress. Parents are also able to customize the app to make it better suited to their needs.

Overall, these four homeschool apps are some of the best available in 2023. Each one offers something slightly different, but each is highly useful and will help to make homeschooling more enjoyable and productive.