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The Ritual of Love is a special limited-time event in Soulstone Survivors that allows players to earn special rewards. This guide provides tips and information on how to make the most of this event.

Event Duration

The Ritual of Love event runs from February 14 to February 28. Make sure to log in and participate before the event period ends!

Overview of the Event

During the Ritual of Love event, players can earn Love Charms by completing daily quests and using them to draw from the Ritual Flame. Drawing from the flame has a chance to award Valentine Frames, Valentine Recall Effects, Love Pouches, and more.

Players can also earn Chocolate Boxes to send to other players. Sending these gifts helps increase the Ritual Flame level, which unlocks additional rewards.

How to Earn Love Charms

Love Charms are the main currency used in the Ritual of Love event. Here are the main ways to earn them:

  • Complete daily quests (up to 5 Love Charms per day)
  • Login rewards
  • Shared bonus for Ritual Flame level ups
  • Gifts from other players

Make sure to complete all daily quests and log in each day to maximize your Love Charm income.

Ritual Flame Draws

Use Love Charms at the Ritual Flame to randomly receive event rewards. Here are the potential rewards:

CommonLove Essence, Valentine Recall Effect
RareLove Pouch
EpicValentine Frame
LegendaryLimit Edition Valentine Skin

The odds of drawing rare rewards increase each time you draw from the flame. Try to use all your Love Charms during the event for the best chance at rewards.

Increasing the Ritual Flame Level

As more players contribute Chocolate Boxes, the Ritual Flame level increases, up to a maximum of level 10. Higher levels provide the following bonuses:

  • Unlocks additional draw rewards
  • Increased chance of rare rewards
  • Shared Love Charms sent to all players

So make sure to send Chocolate Gifts daily to increase the flame level and get the bonuses!

Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips to maximize your event earnings:

  • Check daily quests and complete them all
  • Use free draw attempts from the Ritual Flame each day
  • Save Love Charms to draw near the end of the event for better odds
  • Send Chocolate Boxes to friends to increase flame level

Let us know if you have any other questions! This lovely event won’t last forever, so make the most of it while you can. Happy Valentine’s Day!